11 | holger sasum



in my sleep i am boxer dumpling or fatso
between hunger and running away
i found yolanda
she stands for everything i say
and she makes me run into the street and she makes me scream
we made it
by the same thorn
in different eyes
days in trumpet blossom ways
in wool and stereo play
in my department
the flooded brain works better than the naked
and i want to say
i love your titties
west just as much as east of the mississippi like the creaking of the chair on which i sit
made of an oak still speaking
can you hear me from belly to bones
i need the stomping of my feet
and your squeaking


wooha olympia


i say i bet
all the whisky in the world
they never catch me
i want to cross the border tomorrow
but darling wants to cross the border now

if you can’t hear the engine running
but a sound
and all you can do is hope
it is not from the bottles in the trunk

make sure you move your fingers slow
to the random-generated roll of customs control
with trouble-awareness
in a multi-armed bandit
dear machines: keep cool
do you have anything to declare
and i bet 9 cases of whiskey
you won’t catch me in doing so

i don’t drink i don’t smoke and i think
smuggling is a habit on olympic grounds of simplified intelligence tests
designed to try my patience

just in case i should get caught
you can keep the load and keep the car too
i only take a bottle of champagne
and the fast lane down the slope to the empire of soft seals
either way
thanks for your message
i am drunk you know
you are the only thing
i can bear drunk
let’s stay in touch


holger sasum, writing from Berlin. Tuesday February 21st, 2012, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Working on matters of the functioning of deception in the political, social, symbolic, religious, sexual and creative usage of masks. Regarding the connection between disguise, the art of lying, love, and the human-nature connection in particular. From the freedom of expression to the fatal interpretations of nature leading to oppression and anxiety. Thinking of Lady Gaga, Zorro, black widows, and actors. Work completed: pizza time from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, probably.