The City is Burning

In 2018, Monday Night Press published its first chapbook, The City is Burning by Patrick Duggan.

I once read the scriptures
of American boredom, broke bread
with cloud cover. In Iraq
they’re debating a constitution
to piano thunder. Each white key
a Nickelodeon string of roadside
bombs. Tonight is thin
and tastes turkey-smoked. The President
asked us to stuff our gas tanks
with folded twenties and push our cars
into the ocean to reflect back the sun
that God might shield his eyes.

patrick duggan is originally from New Hampshire, and has lived and studied writing and literature in Boston (at Emerson College) and Oakland (at California College of the Arts). His poems have appeared in Beeswax Magazine, 26 Magazine, Noö Magazine, Monday Night, Shampoo, Parthenon West Review, Oranges and Sardines, Gangsters in Concrete, Mirage: A Periodical, Bay Area Correspondence School, Emerson Review, and The Inman Review.

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