15 | queen cain

fresh to death


I never wanted to be
Fresh to death.

I never wanted to be fresh to death,
Just fresh enough to
Catch the eye of my crush in my new J’s.

I never wanted to be fresh to death
But when he saw me,
He thought I was casket sharp
So he riddled my body with these bullets

And now I’m fly,
Only in the terms that
I just died.

I never wanted to live in the sky
Just wanted to get high enough to kiss cloud nine
But only once in a while.

I was never perfect
But I wasn’t a menace.
Never wanted to be fresh to death
Momma take this hoodie back,
They’re coming for our heads.

My culture and style of choice
Makes them look cool
But turns me into a target.

Momma I never wanted to be
Fresh to death
Just handsome enough to make you smile,
Fresh enough to make the girls go wild.

I thought their Polo and other logos
Would help me assimilate
But they still look at me with hate.

Momma tell me why
Why I went from being your baby boy
To fresh to death

When all I wanted
Was to make it home in time
For my favorite show.

I never wanted to be fresh to death
Momma pull me out this sky,
Bring me back down to earth and hold me again

Tell me why they always think
We fresh to death?

We only want to be fresh enough
To make it home,
Fresh enough to say I love you again,
Fresh enough to breathe again.

They mistake me for the stereotypes they see on TV
Black equates to violence
But they still steal our swagg
And sell it back.

They get to be fresh to death
And make it home,

But I just wanted to be fresh enough
To finish school
Just fresh enough to make you proud
Fresh enough to make a family.

Tell me why they made me
Fresh to death,

Momma, I never wanted to be
Fresh to death


queen cain is an emerging poet out of the Maryland/Washington D.C. area. She began writing as a way to work through her emotions and it developed into a passion. She has performed on the campus of Towson University as well as Morgan State University with the Voices Slam Poetry Team. Queen Cain continues to write for those who suffer from mental illness and to call attention to plights in the urban community. Her hope is that one day her writings can inspire those who feel downtrodden.