niko nelson

baby makes baby


if baby made baby what could make me have fallen too many times to insanity or good place to visit but strange for a child knows it’s growing and living full-time in the land still writing back who could read in conditions like this is not writing enough for the dirt to develop


elements of style


unafraid hair knots in hand happen all the time because you too not know my kind
there is no end at this all the aesthetics unaware these are the facts I’m sorry
everyone has to make it though you do not have to make it as death is
a problem-in-solving get it done to be safe call it aesthetics



niko nelson is a poet from San Francisco. She received her BA in Literary Studies from The New School and her Creative Writing MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Niko’s work has appeared in journals and magazines like Fixional, Empty Mirror and Art Nouveau. In 2016, her work “Multum in Parvo” won NoiseMedium’s Grand Prize award.