23 | Sweat


One day—one of these distant days—my body
will tell me to stand up, and I will.
We will be together, my body and I,
and our language will be sweat.

Margarita Serafimova is a Pushcart Prize 2020 nominee and a finalist in nine other U.S. and international poetry contests. She has four collections in Bulgarian and a chapbook, A Surgery of A Star (Staring Problem Press, CA). Her work appears widely, including at Nashville Review, LIT, Agenda PoetryPoetry South, BotticelliLondon Grip, Steam Ticket, Waxwing, A-MinorTrafika EuropeNoble/ GasOneObra/ Artifact, Great Weather for MediaOriginsNixes MateWriting DisorderOrbis, Moria. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/MargaritaISerafimova/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel.