24 | A Single Eave | An Organ Describes an Organ | Eaves, Un-Dropping

A Single Eave

if i look

it won’t matter


i’ll only look at you once

An Organ Describes an Organ

our sixteen joints play a game of show and tell / we

pretend to recognize our voice / we also pretend

we were here the entire time / and maybe our joints

suddenly disconnect / maybe our joints are suddenly

another’s joints / this is instead a game of hiding / a

game of false counting and infinite searching / this

was the playground our joints were formed inside /

and this game has zero competitors / and maybe these

games are the pheasants that remove our joints for us

Eaves, Un-Dropping

i like being here

to prove 

that i don’t have to be here

Miriam Borgstrom is the author of the chapbook, With Missing Limb (Dancing Girl Press & Studio, 2019). Her recent work is featured in Futures Trading and Otoliths. Find her online at amiareiaam.com.