9 | elizabeth terrazas

the undetected air


rolling in 7ft waves
mebbe divided myself

i was dreamt and shaded

paean to an old ghost
concrete yacht clubs

a yearling, a horse carriage
folding bikes, coffee roasters

quiver a rock

a stone, quiver the ripple
something fell

misguided is not ocean

not earthquakes
i urged deportation

you know, they’re fully hard—

those internments
storage robs robbery

people do well intended

people can become mis-
begin to wonder the sea foam

meyer lemons

the suntan kelp in Monterey
i wish a beanstalk (way too late)

to say love conquers always
leads to butterflies

if lost is mind?


elizabeth terrazas is a Poet, Writer and Painter living in Oakland, CA. Her poems have appeared in California Quarterly, The Texas Poetry Calendar, Beeswax, Wunderkammer, Back Room Live!, the anthology Will Work for Peace, and the anthology I’m Home. She has read at the San Francisco Public Library for National Hispanic Heritage Month and the Oakland Public Library. Elizabeth is one of the founding members of the Mission Arts Poetry and Performance project in the Mission in conjunction with the Red Poppy Art House as both performer and curator of readings and art exhibits (“Aardvark: What the Hell is Algebra?” and “Duende” at Galeria de la Raza.) She graduated from California College of the Arts with an MFA in Writing. She longs to drive from Santa Monica to New York on the old highway system to stop at many diners along the way collecting “small talk” and culture of small towns to explore the nuances of language.