9 | israel francisco haros

from love in the time of obama


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i can’t tell you how to flush the american dollar down the drain. it’s an epic epidemic. wandering in the courtyards. blue. dirt red. the blackest parts of the maze correlating with your vision. how have you been dreaming awake at the laundromat singing. the homeless in santa fe are like the homeless in santa fe. i brushed my teeth with the apparition that today was going to be more beautiful than today. and i don’t really know too many ghosts that don’t like to sing. the sirens here sing different but the end result crams the sidewalks. and i’m getting cut off by the fact that we are billions and billions of suns. blue ones. inside. and the reality of the pelvis = creation. womb = water. water = more emotions on the pavement + the derivatives of hairs dreaming cougars snakes and condors multiplied by nations = your face in the smoking mirror – your doubts = more oceans in your palms. Take away the mask multiplied by the derivative of coyoxuahqui times abundance = your spine in the constellations. don’t bother adding. over time tus ojos se covierten en polvo de estrellas multiplicado por las alas de tus sonrisas.


you. random act of kindness. blue. vibration. do pretty. water dancer. love. no fear. true freedom. survival. breaming seven. dreaming in fours. present. soul. sum of the whole. kiss. attitude. weapons of mass creation. how to breathe. do pretty. fractal. whole of the sum. fire. true freedom. balance. embrace. simple. you. love. dance. breathe. love. you. again. spiral. hologram. mirror. dna. ocean. function. bone. receiver. light. photon. universe. pyramid spiral. of you. take love. quantum hertz cycles. per second love. experiment. create. love. experiment. candle. love. water. light. flee free flight. water. pure. you. nebula. contours. in you. push. light. pull love. dream. awake. push. remember. levitate your life. compute. love. pattern. love. reflect. the sum of your chest. love. push. again. egodrift. pridewander. chaos of love. water again. 6,000 molecules. 10,000 pre years. pure love. true freedom. wings. your face. your arms. your dna. do you remember. 4. 52 waters. inside you. universe. maker. open. you. begin again. h2o. matter. love. sin pena. otra vez.

cantos para obama

but its not you. its not us. its its. its not them. its not how. its not when. its its. its not bush. its not bin laden. its not oil. its its. its not fire. its not wood. its not water. its its. its not meaning. its not questions. its not questioning. its its. its not fire. its not clean water. its not education. its its. its not worrying. its not fearing. its not beginning. its just beginning. its not dreaming. its just creating. its tonantzin. its not bleeding. its not fearing. its not bleeding. its its. its a spiral. its a note. its its.

done. for you. become. mirror. obsidian. jade. bones. collide. atomic. blur. kiss again. clouds. burning. oceans. bones. obsidian. house. live. burn. open. water. open. water. open. begin. open. for you. sun. dreamer. begin. bones. open. inside. collapse. fear. collapse. again. tree. over. tree. over. wing again.


israel francisco haros is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in English and Xicano Studies and an MFA from California College of the Arts. He is both a visual artist and performance artist. His work is an attempt to search for personal truths and personal histories inside of american cosmology. The american cosmology and symbolism that he is drawing from is one that involves both northern and southern america that was here before columbus. The work both written and that which is painted is attempting to mark and remark historical points in the americas and the world. The mark making attempts to speak to the undeniable presence of a native america that will continue to flourish for generations to come. The understanding from which he is drawing is not conceptual but fact and points to the importance of honoring and remembering ancestral ways of living as a means of maintaining healthy relations with all humans, the winged, all those that crawl on this Earth, all Life, the Water, the Sacred Fire, Tonanztin, Tonatiuh, the Sacred Cardinal Points,everything in between, above and below and at the center of self and all things in the universe.