A fond farewell to Nana K. Twumasi

Nana K. Twumasi, a longtime editor of Monday Night, is moving on to new projects. We’re grateful for her creativity, insight, and friendship as well as hours and hours of reading over the past decade. During Nana’s tenure, we put the journal online, launched a small press, and hosted cool events at Cafe Van Kleef, E.M. Wolfman Books, and other venues. 

Nana is a tremendous literary author and content creator in her own right. Nana’s prose and nonfiction work has been published in various literary journals. By day, Nana works as a book editor in Emeryville, CA, and she also writes for the East Bay Monthly and for Oakland and Alameda Magazines. You can follow her endeavors at https://nanakt.com/, on Instagram @fiftyfootroman, or on Twitter @editrix_n.