valerie witte’s a game of correspondence

Black Radish Books released Valerie Witte’s (Issue 11) poetry collection, a game of correspondence in April 2015. This is Witte’s first full-length collection of poems and the seventeenth release from the book publishing collective, Black Radish Books (BRB). Novelist Laura Moriarty says of the book: “With the intimacy and obsessive passion of Djuna Barnes and the precision of Jane Austen, Valerie Witte involves the reader in a deep game. The complexity of the first section, ‘her week of wonders: a translation,’ composed using text from a novel from the ’30s, will be fascinating to the mad indexer in every reader. The eponymous section that forms the book’s second half has the persuasive charm of a lyric novel. The presence of just plain good lines throughout makes the whole project a delight.” Read an excerpt here—or just buy a copy. Congrats, Valerie!